Her name is Ivana.

If I were a (communications) student, I would do a content analysis on Ivana Alawi’s vlogs. I just don’t know if there is any scholastic merit (?) using her vlogs as my subject matter. But since this is not an academic discourse, far from it definitely, here are my musings on her funny vlogs.

I was first ‘introduced’ to Ivana during my vacation in Sydney. A friend told me that a Filipina celebrity is a big hit in YouTube due to her vlogs. Over dinner, me and my friends had a ‘watch party’ on “Ivana Alawi” vlogs. My initial reaction was “ok, ang babaw ng vlog nya pero nakaka-aliw sya.” And before the dinner ended, we all had the same impression: “galing ng vlogs nya.”

She has the classic face of Paraluman and Marlene Dauden, Filipina celebrities from way back. She has the body that has the perfect curves in the right places. I haven’t met her yet her but I’m sure I am accurate with my assertions.

What makes her click to Pinoys (and Pinays) in general?

  1. The way she talks. Given that she is beautiful, rich and a celebrity – these stellar adjectives diminish when she starts talking. She talks like a typical Pinay. She talks in English sans the twang or accent. Listening to her on screen does not and will not intimidate the viewers. Her words are not highfalutin. In fact her opinions on topics that she discusses in her vlogs are very relatable: direct to the point, simple and raw (very natural). In her vlogs, she is crass (in a positive way) but that makes her more appealing to her 6.62 million audience
  2. The way she moves. Ivana is the girl that you can ‘compare’ to your sister, mom or aunt. She is so protective of her family – specifically to Mona (“no boys allowed until she’s 18”). She eats using her bare hands with one leg resting on the chair. This is a typical Filipino eating habit where one is so at ease while relishing one’s food. She dips her viands (fish/meat) in soy sauce with ‘capsicum frutescens,’ also known as siling labuyo. She does not have any qualms eating tuyo or galunggong which every Filipino can relate. She gorges rice with gusto. Admittedly, she has the stomach of a kargador. Her tweets (“after eating so much food and you’re still hungry,” “lagi na lang akong nagugutom, hays”) and vlogs show that she can really eat like a kargador! She does household chores too. That “A day in my life” vlog, where she was seen washing her clothes, has 20 million views to date. Maybe due to her outfit during that time? In Pinoy psyche, everyone can easily identify with her: family-centered, bare hand eating habits, galunggong and tuyo, and her humor. As my friend said over dinner, “walang kaartehan sa katawan.”
  3. Pinay princess. Her lineage comes from Morocco and the Philippines. She inherited her wealth from her father when the latter passed away. She showed her houses (both in Bahrain and Manila) in her vlogs. She does not have the typical nouveau riche traits (ostentatious, superfluous, etc). None of it. She keeps on saying that whatever her audience see in her vlogs, that’s her real self. This is an endearing trait of Ivana and the Filipinos love her for it. She’s THE princess who has a golden heart (Tulfo prank). On a personal note, she’s there real deal.


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