Life As We Know It

…will never be the same because once you go back to work, some of your colleagues are no longer there.

…divides the rich and the poor. Polarization is now even more rampant.

…has given prominence to words like virus, front liners, quarantine, ayuda, pass, retrenchment, new normal, social distancing, and survival among others.

…made us realize that if you fuck with nature, we all suffer the birthing pains.

…means missing your friends and loved ones who were victims of COVID. This virus is the apex and invisible predator who preys on both the rich and the poor.

…totally changes our perception towards doctors, nurses, hospitals, and clinics.

…has given a new light on the term friendship…including long distance relationship.

…showed that watching Netflix makes you fat.

…makes us realize that being financially liquid is the only means to survive.

…has resurrected the dormant word new normal.

…has ups and downs that will trigger both your positive and negative traits.

…means having PPEs to work is de rigueur.

…makes us wary when we get sick. Common cold is now akin to a serious health threat.

…has given us a new meaning of entertainment: Pornhub.

…makes online romance easier and FB friend requests from total strangers common.

…helped me realize that life, despite the pandemic, is still la dolce vita.

…made us miss our families, relatives and friends more than ever.

…showed how corrupt government officials take advantage of the hapless situation. Corruption to the core.

…made us discover that we have hidden talents in cooking, dancing, gardening, baking, stitching, poetry, blogging/writing, vlogging, and a whole lot more waiting to be discovered.

…tested our faith, patience and resilience.

…brought the worst and best in us.

…revealed that mankind has a perverted penchant for stupidity and self-destruction.

…showed that Pinoys and Pinays have the sickest sense of humor. We can still afford to laugh and make fun of the situation despite the hardships of having to survive with meager resources.

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