About Me

Ipse scribit. I write.

I have totally forgotten about my wordpress account. It has been years since I last wrote an article for my (free) website. I totally abandoned the idea of writing again until this quarantine…where being solitary means my serious need to keep my sanity alive.

I am at a lost when the topic is ‘about me.’ It’s literally a blank canvass and there are no rules on what to do about it. Let’s see…

I am a full time cabin crew trainer for the biggest airline company in the Philippines.

I am a part-time Industrial Relations graduate student. If everything goes well, I will take my comprehensive exam very soon (and get that master’s degree).

I am now enjoying the fruits of my labor. This airline is such a generous company and I am forever indebted to them.

My interests are aviation, social sciences, literature, and the arts (only for appreciation). I’ve always been fascinated by sociology and anthropology. I have patience for biography, religion, culture and history. Not so much with politics though.

I will write seriously this time because I paid for a personal domain – I will max it out. I will not waste my money and make this website inactive again.

“Ipse scribit” sounds fancy but it just literally means “I write.”